CONSERVATIVE POV: New Study PROVES DemoRats Have IQs Lower than APES!

Hate to break it to all you libtards, but I’ll use small words so your feeble brains can comprehend: science man say you dumb dumb.

That’s right. According to Dr. Adolf Brooker of the Conservative Institute of Science & Animal Husbandry, people who identify as Democrats have lower IQs than many apes, including the notoriously lunk-headed Chi Chi the Monkey Boy from the classic 50s sitcom Joanie Loves Chi Chi.

Monkey surprised to learn he’s only as smart as a libtard.

“You see,” Dr. Brooker explains, while eyeing a test tube smartly. “Democrats are simply not that smart. We know this from facts. I found the facts. Me. I did.”

From facts. You read it here first, folks, or you didn’t if you’re an illiterate Democrat with no more brain power than a mentally challenged simian with hands for feet, which you likely are, according to Dr. Brooker.

Conservative science man Dr. Brooker points out similarities between libtard and ape brains.



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Clif Haley

Clif Haley

Sometimes I eat pizza with a fork, but usually not.