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We’re proud to announce the forthcoming launch of our new family-oriented camping magazine called Family Camping Magazine. It took many hours in stressful think tanks full of highly-paid writers to come up with this compelling magazine name, but we feel it really captures the essence of our family camping magazine about family camping. For example, can you believe we almost called it Family and Camping Information in Magazine Form or Family Tick and Chigger Enthusiast Monthly? These were both Steve’s ideas. Steve’s been let go.

Within its pages you’ll learn many family camping “life hacks” that will make your family camping experience more enjoyable, rewarding, and far less fraught with familial outbursts resulting in the flinging of scalding hot s’mores in each other’s faces before stomping off into the dead of night mumbling about “last straws” and “divorce” and “leaving the kids at an orphanage or firehouse on the way home”. Some examples of the handy tips you’ll enjoy are…

  • To keep infants safe from bears, don’t take infants camping.
  • Nothing ruins a family camping trip faster than a bad attitude and/or bear attacks.
  • Kids love to eat food cooked over a campfire as much as bears like to eat kids who are fat and slow with guts full of campfire cooked meats, so encourage your kids to munch on high-energy alternatives like sugar cane and coffee grounds instead.
  • Expert tip: stop camping where there are so many damn bears!

As you can see, our new family camping magazine is packed tighter than a junior sized sleeping bag full of bears with camping advice you and your family are sure to benefit from!




Sometimes I eat pizza with a fork, but usually not. I also have a podcast version of the stuff I write over at

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Clif Haley

Clif Haley

Sometimes I eat pizza with a fork, but usually not. I also have a podcast version of the stuff I write over at

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